Welcome to Family Office by Artorius. Your financial and personal life co-ordinated and made easier. Your time released to do what you do best.

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Welcome to Family Office by Artorius

Your financial and personal life co-ordinated and made easier. Your time released to do what you do best.

The purpose of this site is to explain our service in detail. If you need more information please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 20 3039 3040 or contact us here.

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Our wealthy, complex clients asked us a question

Can you help us to manage the complexity of our lives and finances?

They had heard about family office and that it might be the answer

They also knew that it came with cost and its own complexity

And they didn’t know where to find the skills and resources

So we created the Family Office by Artorius service for them

The Family

Portfolio of assets & liabilities

Comprehensive oversight delivered by a specialist

Continuity of service and support through the lifecycle

Secure communication, data storage and document management

Bespoke, comprehensive, transparent financial reporting

Family governance delivered through advice, oversight and reporting

Portfolio of assets & liabilities

  • Ensuring decisions are made in the best interests of the family
  • Empowering decision makers
  • Holding advisors to account

When we describe what we do, clients ask how we add value

We use our skills to make sure you pay the right price

We use our skills to make sure you have the right structure

We use our connections to buy like an institution, not a private client

We deliver our services holistically and our fees are transparent

The whole purpose is to add value, as if it was our own family and money

Family Governance

What our clients say about the service

Family Office by Artorius is a service that was requested by our clients who wanted their time back. We designed it around them. We asked those clients to tell us what they thought and why the service worked for them.

Artorius take responsibility for coordinating accountants, lawyers etc. Having knowledge and data consolidated under one roof - but not impeding my freedom - has been a great relief administratively.

The transformative service they offer me is the consolidation of the disparate “stuff” I have geographically, size and asset class, different managers and banks.

I like the challenge and I like having nowhere to hide

By the way, both my children have independent Artorius relationships - which is great as I am no longer involved in the day to day. They have a professional structure to help guide and teach them how to manage their own affairs.

Also a great relief to know if I go under a bus my wife and the children have people they trust who can coordinate joined-up thinking by all involved to get the right result - rather than having to leave it to them to figure it out.

Quite simply it gives me time back for more important things

I like having someone on my side of the table

I like the genuine consolidated reporting that I receive


Giving you your time back and so much more